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All parents must firstly book a tour to look around either More2childcare or More2Riverside. A full description is on our admissions page.

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Yes 2 days per week. At More2Riverside if booking 2 days one of these days must include a Monday or a Friday. We ask for 2 days per week as on less children have struggled to settle at the nursery and have either increased their sessions or left the nursery.

Yes your membership gives you the option to appear on both More2Riverside and More2childcare waiting list. Please note if you take a place at one nursery we are unable to offer a swap to the other nursery - you will need to give two months notice and will be placed back on the waiting list

Financial Questions

£500. It is a holding deposit used to secure your place and to secure against non-payment of bills. It is refundable after your child has left the nursery.

Our registration fee also doubles as access to a membership scheme giving discounts at local shops and restaurants. Your registration fee signifies commitment to taking up a place at the nursery – our Office Manager spends time on all families on the waiting list, keeping in touch, working out availability, adding to our database and much more when a place is accepted.

The nursery requires payment in advance by standing order to reach the account before/on the 1st day of each month (except for your first month if your child starts mid month). Please set up a regular payment from your bank to us. Childcare vouchers may need to be set up a few days early to reach our account on the 1st of each month. A late payment fee will be applied to outstanding accounts after the 10th of each month.

We work with all the childcare voucher companies here is the information you will need to pass to the relevant provider

ALL SAVE- More2childcare Ofsted Reg No: RP907511 Postcode: SE10 9EQ

APPLE – More2Childcare - CA00009174

- More2Riverside - 2511676. Postcode: SE10 0FZ

BUSY BEES – More2Riverside 2511676. Postcode SE10 0FZ

CARE 4 – More2Childcare 21398665

- More2Riverside 38538573

CHILDCARE PLUS - Ofsted Reg No: RP907511. Postcode: SE10 9EQ

COMPUTERSHARE – More2Childcare 0022994798

- More2Riverside 026358836

COOPERATIVE – 85113361

EDENRED – More2Childcare P21039601

- More2Riverside P21238099

FAIRCARE - Ofsted Reg No: RP907511. Postcode: SE10 9EQ

FIDELITY - Reg No: RP907511. Postcode: SE10 9EQ

KIDDIVOUCHERS -More2Childcare Reg No: RP907511. Postcode: SE10 9EQ

More2Riverside Reg No: 2511676. Postcode: SE10 0FZ

REWARD GATEWAY - Reg No: RP907511. Postcode: SE10 9EQ

SODEXO - More2Childcare Reg No: RP907511. Postcode: SE10 9EQ

More2Riverside Reg No: 2511676. Postcode: SE10 0FZ

Holidays, Illness and Sessions

No we pay and rota permanent staff according to the number of children attending.

No we pay and rota permanent staff according to the number of children attending.

Yes we are keen to help when we can and can offer adhoc sessions if we have spare spaces and enough staff to cover. We may need to bring in crèche staff for additional cover. Creche/Ad hoc rates will apply in this instance.

Any changes to your originally agreed days and times need two months notice and are subject to availability. We may be able to accommodate an increase to sessions immediately.

We have a training week in August for all staff (this is usally the week before the August bank holiday). We close for a week at Christmas We close for all bank holidays. These closures are still chargeable within your monthly invoice as staff are still being paid as well as the other costs the business continues to incur.

Finishing at the Nursery

Two calendar months for children on our traditional (all year round) programme. One full term for term time children.