More2Riverside joins More2Childcare as Ofsted Outstanding

| Posted by Kelly Salambasis

Following our first Ofsted Inspection on 4th April, More2Riverside has been awarded the top rating of OUTSTANDING in all areas. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to share this news now that the final report has been published on the Ofsted website. And we are delighted to be joining More2Childcare in this highest rating!

Ofsted introduced a new way of inspecting Early Years when the EYFS was updated in September 2021, putting a much greater emphasis on teaching and learning. When they last shared their statistics under the new framework only 6% of nurseries were achieving Outstanding. To be a part of this elite 1 in 20 of nurseries during a global Pandemic is exceptional and we are so proud of Rosie and her team.

As of 16th May 2022, along with our sister company More2Childcare, we are currently the only two privately owned nurseries that we are aware of in SE10 with an Outstanding rating since Ofsted stated inspecting with the new framework (after September 2021).

You can link to the report here - 50183638 ( . The top line summary reads:

  • Children thoroughly enjoy activities that consider their individual learning needs extremely well
  • Children are very eager to explore and discover the well-planned and challenging learning experiences that staff provide
  • Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive extremely high levels of support to help them to meet their full potential.
  • Leaders are passionate about the high-quality learning opportunities they provide for children. They achieve national awards for their work with parents and involve staff in accredited programmes to further raise quality within the nursery
  • Children become very confident speakers. Babies quickly begin to mimic sounds and use words. Staff use descriptive language and introduce new vocabulary and more complex sentence structures with the most-confident speakers.
  • Children’s emotional well-being is prioritised. They [staff] implement activities that help children to recognise and appropriate express their emotions.
  • Children behave exceptionally well and demonstrate superb manners. Staff use every opportunity to model positive language and social skills

A heartfelt thank you to all of you for trusting in the nursery and choosing to send your children here whilst the nursery was in its infancy with no proven track record from Ofsted.

A huge amount of work goes on within the nursery and behind the scenes and we want to extend a huge thank you to the team who work tirelessly to provide the children with the best learning environment. It is their unfaltering hard work which allows all the children to have new experiences, the opportunity to progress and achieve, in a safe, friendly, relaxed and caring atmosphere. Our staff continue to go above and beyond for the children at More2Riverside.

You can read More2Childcare's Ofsted Outstanding report here - 2771647 (