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Career coaching programme feedback

| Kelly Salambasis

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), More2Childcare works closely with the local community. One of our chosen projects in 2019 was to fully fund a career coaching programme for parents across More2Nurseries. Below you can read some of the fantastic feedback about how the programme helped them.


When I put my name forward to be considered for the coaching I was hoping the sessions would be a forum for good conversation, honesty, new connections and for me personally a chance to gain some clarity on some directional questions I had been thinking about regarding my career and life choices. I was keen to have a few next steps worked out.

I felt that the course of sessions helped me achieve all of this and more. The reflection questions early on allowed me to properly think about ‘possible selves’ and make conscious choices about what I wanted to pursue (and not) and what I could do alongside a job, to still satisfy different interests e.g. through volunteering.

The reflection also helped me think back over the last year in my new role and be really proud of what I achieved in a big stretch role. This reflection has boosted my confidence, which is key to making some of the changes I plan to make.

I loved getting to know the group also - it's amazing to meet a group of quite different individuals, in completely different roles but going through similar experiences. I have a plan created and I am clear what I want to achieve - just got a new little person to think about too now! Thanks so much for including me in the group and for a brilliant experience. Happy to pay it forward and help others looking to do something similar or any other ideas you have.



I am currently on maternity leave until mid-November; I have taken 13 months off from work. I work as a Faculty Lead for organisational development, at King’s University London. I have been in this post for 3 years and have been at King’s for 5 years overall. When I return to work, I’ll be working full-time across four days.

Out of this programme, I would like the space to reflect on my ambitions and strengths in light of having my daughter. I am keen to move positions and sectors, potentially even start my own business, and a key concern I have is time-management. I am also feeling less focused and have less clarity since taking my career break, and I wish to address this.


The coaching programme was a great opportunity to reflect and learn more about my values, interests, blockers and strengths. Through exploring my possible selves, I realised that what I really wanted to do was to start my own business, and the coaching helped me to focus on taking ‘action’, to get moving on my dream.

It was also incredibly valuable to have access to a network of women, where we have been able to support each other and hold each other accountable. I joined the coaching hoping to get a road map, but instead realised that what I actually I needed to do is to focus on each step and take action. It has been a hugely clarifying, insightful, positive and rewarding experience.



I have not been working since my daughter Ada was born in 2015. Before she was born, I worked for 10 years in Marketing Departments of corporate companies at different sectors such as retail, banking and management consultancy. My professional career began in 2003, in Istanbul. I also worked in Paris between 2006-2007 after my MBA study there.

I worked in London as customer support and marketing analyst for 8 months before Ada was born.

I have got Economics degree (Koc University Istanbul) and hold MBA degree from a business school (ESLSCA) in Paris.

I would like to go back working on part time basis. I hope this coaching programme supports me to decide and helps me to get the confidence to find my ideal and right job.


I am more motivated towards my objective and I felt much better after each session about my situation. It was nice being together and to listen and to be listened in a circle with all women almost with same feelings and goals



I feel stuck in making a move; I think I have a good skill set and skills that can be transferable but I do not know what opportunities to focus on or where to start. I am also very indecisive which I don’t think helps the situation.

I would like to feel excited and passionate about what I am doing and get some clarity and learn how to become accountable.


I am clearer in my mind what I want to do and what I need to do to get there. I've gained so much clarity and this has given me more confidence in my next step.

I enjoyed Emma's insight and the way she guided us through each part. I think it’s important that she didn’t spoon feed us and really made us think about what we wanted and how to get there. Her assistance was so helpful and valuable and I've learnt things that will stay with me forever. It was also great to meet some like-minded women in similar situations.

Emma's valuable insight and careful approach makes her course really worthwhile and valuable. She is so relatable and approachable which really helps when you are trying to figure out something important like changing your career. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for some clarity and assistance with their careers.

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