Birth Without Fear

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 We would like to introduce you to our newest More2membership partner, Emilie Wicks from Birth by Heart.  Emilie is an experienced midwife and method ambassador for the Birth Without Fear Method here in the UK and has recently joined our Membership programme offering discounted prices to our members.   

Emilie is offering all More2 mums a special discount off her classes.  If you are an expectant mother this is well worth a look, Emilie is in our local community and her groups will not only help you through this incredibly important time of your life, it will also introduce you to other expectant mothers like yourself.

Birth Without Fear Method

The trusted and established Swedish birth preparation method, also a healthcare model in various Swedish maternity units is now finally available in the UK, offering practical and hands-on training to your birth partner in how to physically and emotionally support you during labour. This simple and effective alternative to hypnobirthing aims to activate your innate birthing physiology and keep stress and fear at bay with the use of 4 powerful tools that you and your birth partner use together during birth during each and every contraction. This is what will ensure you can confidently cope and handle the process in order to achieve an emotionally safe and positive birth experience.

The 4 tools are: Breathing, Relaxation, the Voice, the Mind.

Each one is held together by your chosen birth partner who will learn how to practically support you with hands-on techniques scientifically proven to maximise your own Oxytocin production.

Book your interactive 4 hour zoom class for you and your birth partner here: facilitated by experienced Midwife and Method Ambassador Emilie Wicks.

Upcoming dates in 2021: Saturdays 10.00-14.00 GMT 17th April
22nd May
19th June
24th July

You can contact Emilie on email at