Being Dad. Free Courses


Free groups for expectant and new Dads 

The Forum in Greenwich is hosting free groups for expectant and new Dads with children up to 2 years old. Five weekly sessions will cover...

More2Childcare awarded top environmental health award


More2Childcare Awarded Top Environmental Health Award 

More2Childcare is delighted to announce another 5 star environmental health rating was awarded when the council visited last week.

Post Natal Depression and getting support

More2Childcare supporting Mothers with PND

Postnatal depression (PND) is very common, affecting as many as one in five new mothers. It may present in many different ways and is just as likely to include symptoms of anxiety as those typically associated with a low mood. For this reason many prefer to describe it as postnatal distress or illness rather than depression. 

What do you want from your working life?

 Guest Blog From Emma Fulton Coaching

How clear are you about what you want from your working life?

It’s funny how it happens, you start out on your career, clutching your freshly minted degree and perhaps some professional qualifications. You are full of ideas of what you want from your working life.

Babies are Bad for Careers

Guest Blog from Emma Fulton Coaching

Statistically speaking, as a woman one of the worst things you can do for your career is have a baby.

It’s a sobering thought.

Despite being aware of this, I am disheartened each time a woman comes to me and tells me that their confidence has plummeted since becoming a parent and that they are struggling to make the children/work equation work.

Working mothers are stretching themselves thin at work and at home and feel like they are failing at both. Their struggle though does not reflect their capabilities.

Having it all or a new normal?

Having it all or a new normal? Guest Blog by Emma Fulton Coaching One of the questions I hear most frequently from clients and friends is, "is it possible to do well at work and be a good mother". To paraphrase, can we ‘have it all’? I dislike the gender politics of the question (to put it mildly) but it does reflect the reality of very many women with children.