New baby and back to work

Before I’d left on maternity leave I’d agreed with my boss I could go back to work 3 days per week.  The perfect work/life balance I thought.

The importance of outdoor play

Growing up in rural Northamptonshire my happiest memories involve my vast outdoor playground. 

Climbing trees in the “back field”, making dens outside, riding my bike around the village, rollerskating,

Story so far...

Kelly, Glenda and I met through the Bridge where we are Director’s and were friends before becoming business partners – we bonded at fundraising events, during 1am email conversations about the Bridge, during the school run (we have 9 children between us aged 3-12

Reconnecting children with nature

During May 2014 in our voluntary roles as part of the Bridge (East Greenwich) we celebrated National Children’s Day with an outdoor event in East Greenwich Pleasaunce. Children and adults were asked to swap “screen time” for “wild time” – so mobile phones were banned and all emphasis was on having a fantastic time in nature’s playground. All for FREE.

Securing the Forum

And we're off! 23rd October 2015 marked a very special day for Eve, Glenda and I - the day we signed our licence with the Forum to secure the premises.